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Here's Why Thumbnail Rocket is a MUST HAVE Tool!

Thumbnail Rocket as a part of your VIDEO Marketing tool chest is must have because...


Custom Thumbnails are one of the easiest ways to get more eyeballs on your YouTube videos!

It makes total sense that if your YouTube video is sitting there on page 1 of Google along with 3 or 4 other videos that having the most compelling and "eye catching" thumbnail is going to get you more clicks! And getting more clicks gets you more views!


Updating your Custom Thumbnails in YouTube channels that already have videos in them will give you an instant advantage!

If you already have YouTube channels set up with a bunch of videos inside them and your looking for an easy way to get more leverage out of those videos the fastest way to do that is by uploading Custom Thumbnails to them!


Using Thumbnail Rocket takes the dreaded manual way of uploading and updating your Custom Thumbnails and turns it into an almost instant process!

Uploading Custom Thumbnails is a total TIME SUCK doing the old manual way! If you wanted to add Custom Thumbnails to a channel with only say... 10-20 videos in it it would take you HOURS! With Thumbnail Rocket you can do it in about 1 minute!


Thumbnail Rocket lets you change out your Leased Channel Thumbnails super fast if a client stops paying you or you decide not to work with them any longer!

Lets say you have a YouTube channel that you lease out monthly along with the ranking videos inside it (one of my favorite recurring income methods). Well sometimes things end up not working out. Well in that case you can just RE Lease that channel to another Dentist, or Plastic Surgeon, or Plumber or whoever and just go in and change out the Custom Thumbnails to match the new client!

We Had to Come up With a Better Solution Than The Manual Way of Doing This...





Hey! It's Bill Cousins Here!


Are you using custom thumbnails on your YouTube videos?


If you aren’t then you should be using them because it has been proven that a YouTube video with a custom thumbnail has a much higher chance of being noticed and clicked on than one that does not have a custom thumbnail.


It’s all about getting noticed and being interesting when it comes to getting your videos watched on both YouTube AND the big Kahoona Google!


I mean what good is going thru the trouble of creating a video and then working to rank it when it’s not gonna get watched?


In this time we live in with users online having so many distractions you need every advantage over your competitors that you can get!


That’s why having a custom thumbnail that stands out and makes people want to watch your video is so important and should be one of your top priorities when your trying to use YouTube to get traffic to your business’s site, your clients businesses sites, your sites, affiliate offers, what ever reason your putting videos up on a YouTube channel.


So.... let’s say you’re just getting ready to start creating YouTube channels and and creating and uploading videos into it?


If you don’t have any videos in that channel or channels yet then your probably ok because you can just create a custom thumbnail for it, or pay someone to create one for ya, and you can just upload it the manual way right there in your YouTube channel.


Not too hard to do, and when it’s only one at a time it’s not too much of a time suck.


But... let’s say you have a channel or channels that you have already been uploading YouTube videos into, and they have a few videos in them already?


Or you are like I was, with like 50 YouTube channels/accounts all loaded with videos that I never added custom thumbnails for!


Ya that was me and some other big YouTube marketers friends of mine not that long ago.


So we all new that we needed to have custom thumbnails on all or most of these videos we had and that without using them soon we were going to start loosing some of our free clicks and traffic that we were getting.


And by the way.... when people start clicking on your videos less Google decides to move you back further in the rankings.


So when your on page 1 and getting clicks and then other videos show up on page 1 next to you, and they start getting clicks your going to drop off a bit if your not getting the most clicks.


So that is where having the eye catching cool looking custom thumbnails come in.


Anyway like I said we knew we needed to upload custom thumbs for all of these videos so we had a bunch of them made and started uploading them 1 at a time which was the only way you could do it.


Well let me tell you it took FOREVER to this the manual way!


I mean like hours and hours forever and after about 2 channels I said.... WE HAVE TO AUTOMATE THIS!


So this is where the idea for my Thumbnail Rocket app came from.


With Thumbnail Rocket, that uploading of custom thumbnails time goes from hours per channel to literally minutes!


All you do is log into the app, log into your channel, select all the videos you want to upload your custom thumbnails to, select your custom thumbs, click go and within about 10 seconds all of your videos have killer looking custom video thumbnails!


So what this means is that whenever you want, as many times as you want, you can upload fresh new custom thumbnails to some or all of your YouTube videos super fast!


Video clicks seem to be dropping off? Just upload some new shiny custom thumbnails!


Decide you want to add a CTA or phone number right there on the thumbnail so people don’t even need to watch your video if they don’t want to?  Done!


And here is another really useful thing you need Thumbnail Rocket for...


Let’s say your ranking videos inside of a YouTube channel, and you rent that channel and those ranking videos out to a local business for say... $997 a month...


Now YOU own this channel don’t forget (this is one of my favorite income streams and one of the ones we teach to people).


But... sometimes when your doing this the business that is renting the channel from you might stop paying you or decide the don’t want to do it anymore (bummer but yes it does happen).


So now you have this channel with those ranked videos in it that is yours just sitting there for say a dentist or some other type of business.


So all you need to do if you have Thumbnail Rocket is to find another local dentist, and change out all of the thumbnails and then rent them the channel!


So your still leveraging that asset that you have created.


And you can do that over and over!


PLUS you can use the benefit of being able to quickly change all of your custom thumbnails out super fast as an added perk to help KEEP your current video clients or to bring more on!


So... hopefully your seeing the value and added benefits of using and being able to add and update/change all of the thumbnails inside your YouTube channels?


CLICK on the demo video below and see just how easy it is to upload, delete, update, your custom thumbnails using our Thumbnail Rocket App!




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